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College has been getting busier, but I still managed to do HALO HUNTER for my DIGITAL MEDIA section, a short Flash MX cartoon. Just like LORD OF THE RINGS: THE SITCOM, it was "blammed" by users on Newgrounds in less than 6 hours! Regardless, I think I definitely improved my animation and comic timing with this cartoon.


Just added some new portions to the DIGITAL MEDIA section of the site: the NES CHALLENGE (a 30-minute documentary I just finished editing about a Nintendo tournament I had with some friends), a WEDDING TRIBUTE video I did for a friend of mine who is getting married, and THE MONKEY ISLAND RADIO PLAYS (a few episodes of a radio play I produced based on the computer game by LucasArts).


After a month and a half of work, I've completed COMPUTER CAMP CATASTROPHES. I will have updates to the Digital Media section coming soon and at some point I'll plan a short game project that I'll make using Game Maker 5.0.


I just finished a rough draft of the screenplay for the the COMPUTER CAMP CATASTROPHES project. I also have done some graphics and level design for it, although it will take longer than expected-- it is nearing finals week at school and things are getting very, very busy.

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